... so you want to be a reaper ...

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... so you want to be a reaper ... Empty ... so you want to be a reaper ...

Post by Thufir on Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:54 am

We came from the broken moon and asteroid fields of Moon Breakers, a dying game where we were both feared and respected. Few of us reached this verse, more will follow, scores will be recruited and we will be feared once again !
For millennia we have travelled among the vastness of the known universe searching for the ultimate combat experience.

If you wish to draw our attention; "Fly with honour, fly with valour and die beautifully"

- mates you can rely on in hot situations
- access to the organizations hangar & ships (whenever confirmed by RSI)
- teamspeak support
- arranged trades & escorts if wanted
- skilled co-pilots and crew members

Any messages left here will be considered. In the meantime please feel free to talk to any of the members either in game or via the forum.
Plz copynpaste the following block to you recruitment:

Nick in SC (if different) :    
Current organization (y/n/1/2/3/4):
Voice: y/n
Initial Reaper contact: (if known)

Best Lap Time on Old Vanderal:
with Ship:
Amount of Ships:
Favorite Ship(s):
Favorite Role(s):


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